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Adult Shopping List – First Campout

You don’t have to go overboard on buying things for your first campout.  You will need a tent, sleeping bag and air mattress, and may be able to borrow those from a friend.  Its an inexpensive way to see if you like camping.

If you know that your son will go through 7 years of Scouting, and you’ll be camping with him, then it may be worth investing in some higher-end gear up-front.  Two budgets are given, one is an almost minimum spend budget, the other is a reasonable budget for good quality gear.

The estimated cost column assumes you will buy quality items with an eye toward them lasting for 7 years.  Less expensive items can be found. More expensive, more deluxe items are available.

Items that are different from the youth list are:

  1. More comfortable sleeping pad (2 1/2 inches thick, self inflating), 5.4 R-value (good for winter camping)
  2. Sturdier boot, lasts longer, supports more weight
  3. Footbed that makes boot more comfortable
  4. Tent, Marmot Limelight 2 person is priced.

The Economy Plan is for those who are not sure they will be camping for 7 years, or even 7 months.  Its a good start, but you’ll need to replace/supplement many items by October or November.  The differences are:

  1. “have” indicates that you probably have something that will work.  It might not be ideal, but it works.
  2. No Day Pack.
  3. Sleeping bag is for a warmer temperature range.  This is nice in the summer, and you can get a -20 or colder bag for the winter.
  4. Airbed replaces sleeping pad.  very comfortable, but no insulation in the winter.
  5. You don’t actually need the pump if you have a great set of lungs (but you’ll probably regret not having it.)
  6. You probably have some sort of boots you can use, or sneakers in the worst case
  7. Tent is cheap, Walmart has a $40 2 person 4 season backpacking tent that will be a better value if you want to backpack or go winter camping


Item Estimated Cost Economy Plan
Duffel Bag $39.99 have
Day Pack $29.95
Sleeping Bag – 0 degrees Farenheit (not Celsius) $49.99
Sleeping bag 30 degrees $23.58
Deluxe Sleeping Pad $69.99
twin 8.75 inch thick airbed matress $7.97
Pump (batteries extra) $8.96
2 Water Bottles $9.98
2 bottles spring water $2.00
Mess Kit $3.82
Knife, fork and spoon or spork or foon $2.47
3 paper plates, plastic knife, fork spoon have
Flashlight or two $9.82 have
Hiking boots $149.99 have
Footbed $50.00
Tent $200.00 $25.00
 Total $616.00 $67.51




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