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List of on-line stores that support Scouting

You and your son will need some special gear for camping.  The good news is that the required gear can be inexpensive.

The full winter camping gear list is available on  The list of winter camping clothing is available on

New members:  Example shopping lists:

Note that you should keep an eye on sales.  Winter gear generally goes on sale in late February or so.

Some notes on the gear you may not have yet:


Not needed until you and/or your son go on a backpacking trip.

Duffel Bag

You need something to put your gear in.  An inexpensive duffel bag, gym bag, etc works great for most campouts and takes up less space than a backpack and its frame.  Best to get one that is somewhat waterproof.

Day Pack

A small backpack.  Needed for shorter hikes.  Its nice to have provision for a camelback-type reservoir, but not necessary.

Sleeping Bag with optional liner

We recommend a 0 degree F or colder sleeping bag.  Be careful that the bag is rated 0 degrees F, and not 0 degrees C.  There is a 32 degree difference between the two.

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Sleeping Pad

There are many types of sleeping pads available including self-inflating mats, closed cell foam pads, air mattresses and air beds.  These are important because they allow you to get a more comfortable nights rest, and add insulation between you and the ground.

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Water Bottle

Two one-liter bottles with leak proof caps are needed.  A camelback type reservoir for your pack is  an alternative for backpacking and hiking.

Mess Kit
Scouts and adults need a mess kit and utensils for every campout.  The “regular” BSA mess kit is good, and a knife, fork and spoon set is desirable.  Plastic and aluminum are lightweight, steel is more durable, titanium is most likely far to expensive for the weight savings.

Adults also may want a larger coffee cup.

First Aid Kit

The troop supplies a group first aid kit.

Youth may have a personal first aid kit.  Their patrol leader will help them decide what goes in it.  The kit made in Webelos is a good starter kit.

Adults may want a personal kit with a few over the counter medications (ibuprofen, antihistamine, etc) and a couple of band-aids.  The local sporting good stores (Dick’s, Sierra Trading Post) have one and two person kits that are fine.

Plastic Bags

Clothing should be packed in waterproof plastic bags, Gallon size may work for summer clothes and smaller scouts.   Ziploc Space Bags (Travel or Dual Use) or similar come in larger sizes. Put one day’s clothing in each bag.

Flashlight & Extra Batteries

Not quite as simple as it sounds, there are a lot of options.

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Hiking Boots

Lots of options here, depending on what sort of campouts you will be going on.

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Winter Boots

Unlike hiking boots, these boots are intended to be warm, and should be high enough to keep the snow out.

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Winter Clothing

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Backpacking Stove and Cookware

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Scouting’s 10 Essential items

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Toilet paper
Camera (optional)
Insect repellent
Toilet kit (soap, shampoo, towel, toothbrush)
Duct tape:  3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979 — its worth the extra money.

Adults Only


The troop provides tents for youth, adults bring their own.  Youth are allowed to bring their own tents or hammocks on backpacking trips.

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