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Youth Shopping List – First Campout

You probably have many of the items required for your son’s first campout.  This is a list of the items you may not have.  Note that there are often less expensive items available, and you can also spend a lot more. The day pack is an option.  Items in green are the 10 scout essentials.


Item Example Cost
Duffel Bag $39.99
Day Pack $29.95
Sleeping Bag – 0 degrees Fahrenheit $49.99 Make sure it’s not 0 degrees Celcius
Closed Cell Foam Pad $12.99
2 Water Bottles or other containers
Mess Kit $3.82
Knife, fork and spoon or spork or foon $2.47
Flashlight or two $9.82
Hiking boots $49.99
Compass and trail map $11.00 Silva starter compass; print/copy maps as needed
Pocket knife or multitool $10.00 Younger scouts should have a sturdy pocketknife like the official scout pocketknife.  Swiss Army knives are easier to break, and are appropriate for older scouts.
Total $230.00


Other items you may already have:

  • First aid kit — scouts will make their own as part of rank advancement.  Inexpensive one and two person first aid kits are available locally.
  • Rain gear — A rainsuit will keep the rain off, and will add warmth in the colder weather.  A poncho will also keep the rain off, and the extra ventilation is welcome in the warmer months.
  • Emergency food — good for those times hikes take longer than expected, and occasionally when dinner takes longer than expected.  Or just as a midday snack. A granola bar, trail mix, or similar.  Candy is not good, a scout may eat that before the hike starts. “Emergency food” should be edible, but doesn’t have to taste great.
  • Matches and/or a firestarter
  • Sun protection — sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm, hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants.  Prevent sunburn and possibly heat exhaustion.  Sun protection is needed 12 months a year.
  • insect repellent — in season.
  • Extra Clothing — a change of cloths in case the ones your son is wearing get wet, and that can serve as an extra layer if the weather turns colder than expected.

Optional Items:

  • Duct tape — clothing and other repairs.  Your son doesn’t need the whole roll, just a few yards.
  • Rope / Parachute cord.




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