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January ’19 Klondike

On January 26, 2019 Troop 71 had our annual Klondike at Hoyt in Redding, CT with other troops from the area. There were 30 scouts from troop 71 that participated. After sleeping in 15 degree weather Friday night we packed up our tents and got ready for the Klondike. There was 16 stations that each sled group went to and each station had to do with problem solving, teamwork, and communication. We made fires, chopped logs, threw hatchets, and so much more. We also got to learn new things, like how to use flags as communication and how to saw a log correctly.

On Saturday morning we got up at around 6:30 am and packed up our sleeping bags and other gear. After we packed up everything in our tents and took them down, we had bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the opening ceremonies. At the opening ceremonies we stood in lines in front of flags and had someone lead us in the pledge of allegiance, scout oath, and scout law. Then the people running the event came out and explained to us everything that was going to happen. We then all proceeded to walk back to camp and set up our sleighs with the supplies that we needed. Everyone had a box in their sleigh that had water bottles, rope, wooden poles, and anything else that we needed for the stations. Each patrol went to get their sleds inspected and then went to stations. Every patrol from our troop and the other troops were all at different stations at a time and when time was up we switched stations.

Halfway through the stations we went to get lunch and we had hamburger foil meals. We made the foil meals at a troop meeting before the campout. To make the foil meals we used precooked hamburgers and added corn, potatoes, and barbecue sauce. At the campsite we place the meals on the fire and they get hot so that we can eat them. After lunch we went back and finished the stations. When the stations were over we went back to the campsite to get our gear an bring it to the trailer to head back home.




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